Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another Quick Fix of Flicks, 15 August 2010

You might want to turn the volume down for some of these.

1. "Radiolab and NPR Present Words"
A clever montage.

2. "Mad Men: The Carousel"
"Mad Men" is a show about advertising people set in the early 1960s.
It's well-written and a welcome departure from those endless crime-scene
shows.  SBS (belatedly) starts showing Season 2 from tonight.  Here's a
clip of a highlight from the end of Season 1.

3. "Mad Men Opening Credits"
Not only a great show, but it also has one of my favourite opening
credits from any TV series at the moment.  Cool music, too.

4. "Simpsons parody of Mad Men"
"The Simpsons" openers are probably my other favourite opening credits.

5. Schumacher's pitstop from "Asterix at the Olympic Games"
The rest of the movie was ok, but not great.  This bit was a highlight.
Ferrari Formula 1 fans in particular will get a kick out of this.

6. "Fishing for a goal"
Elaborate, entertaining goal celebration.

7. "Champion cardstacker builds capitol with 22,000 cards"
This guy has an interesting job.

8. "World's Most Amazing Trick Shot!"
Uses billiard balls _and_ dominoes.

9. "Amazing Amazon Box"
I wonder if this happened naturally, or if it was staged?

10. "Freakonomics, the movie"
For those who don't like reading books.  Hopefully it will get more
people thinking about economics.