Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Keystone Kops

1. "Sarajevo police attempt to catch bank robbers by hitching ride in streetcar"
"It was the talk of the town on Friday: two policemen trying to catch two bank
 robbers hopped on a streetcar because they lacked a car"

2. "Burglar escapes in police car"
"Two Dutch policemen were embarrassed when a burglar stole their patrol car as
 they chased his getaway driver on foot"

3. "Suspect dodges police to nick patrol car"
"When the police got out of their car and attempted to arrest the man, he
 dodged past them and escaped in the police car"

4. "Belgian police red-faced as Dutroux van drives off with door open"
"Television pictures showed the green police van leaving the Palace of Justice
 in Arlon, south-east Belgium, with one of the doors to its trunk wide open as
 it began the 300 metre trip to the nearby jail"

5. "Police 'missed burglar under the bed'"
"Police searched a Blackburn man's house after reports of a break-in - but
 missed the suspected burglar hiding under a bed"

6. "French police unwittingly aide jewellery thief"
"The man, identified only as Yves, told the officers he had lost his keys and
 needed their help to get into the shop. They kindly obliged, calling in a
 locksmith to pry open the door"

7. "Police car stolen from police HQ"
"Romanian police are investigating how one of their cars was stolen in broad
 daylight from outside their national headquarters"

8. "Courthouse cafeteria in a twist over doughnut bandit"
"[I]t doesn't look good to have someone stealing donuts a few feet from dozens
 of sheriff's deputies"

9. "Policeman rips hole in royal oil painting"
"A policeman who was determined to protect a royal oil painting from thieves
 accidentally tore a gaping hole in its canvas"

For those unfamiliar with the Keystone Kops: