Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Unwanted Home Deliveries

1. "Oil delivery turns into deluge"
"A German oil delivery man who got his addresses mixed up has accidentally
 pumped 3,000 litres of heating oil straight into the basement of a house"

2. "Mistake inundates home with heating oil"
"Teri Jack smelled the fumes even before she read the note on her Davidsonville
 home's door informing her that a heating company had accidentally filled her
 basement with nearly 400 gallons of oil meant for a neighbor's house"

3. "Raw sewage spews into Calif. homes like volcano"
"Raw waste rushing through a city sewer line backed up into homes, blowing open
 toilet lids, filling bathtubs and damaging at least seven homes"

4. "Foul event: Wrong water sent to homes"
"Some residents here are crying foul after learning that utility workers
 mistakenly hooked up four homes to the city's treated wastewater instead
 of its purified drinking water"

5. "Broken pipeline leaks 300 gallons of oil into mobile home park"
"A hazardous materials team cleaned up about 300 gallons of petroleum that
 bubbled up under a mobile home park Sunday, forcing an elderly woman from her

6. "Blood oozes out of apartment walls"
"In a scene straight out of a horror film, blood has been leaking out of the
 walls of an apartment in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad"

7. "Has this ever happened to you?"  [expired link]
"Bones, coffins and crosses crashed through the kitchen wall of a Brazilian
 home over the weekend after a torrential rain washed out part of a neighboring

8. "Brazilian town covered in foam"
"The town of Pirapora do Bom Jesus, Sao Paulo, was flooded by detergents and
 shampoos discarded into the River Tiete"