Thursday, July 29, 2004

Sorry To Barge In (Not)

1. "Impatient husband crashes car into store"
"Police say impatience may have led an elderly man to crash his car through
 the front of a store in southwest Miami"

2. "Man crashes into restaurant"
"A German man crashed his car into a Greek restaurant - then sat down to
 have his meal there"

3. "Man discovers car in bedroom"
"A Devonport man was greeted with an unexpected sight returning home from
 work early this morning with an abandoned car parked in his bedroom"

4. "It's 'The Sixth Fence'"
"A careening car smashed into his Queens home yesterday - for the sixth time
 in the last two decades"

5. "Car crashes into roof of Marlborough home"
"'I came (around) the house to the street, I saw nothing until I turned
 around,' said Penney. 'Then I saw a car in the middle of my roof.'"

6. "Cement truck lands in Raleigh front yard"
"They heard a loud boom, opened the front door and saw something unusual in
 their front yard"

7. "Japanese tourists hurt as bus shears roof on bridge"
"The bus was too tall for the bridge"

8. "Man crashes SUV into Fort Lauderdale Airport"
"investigators didn't know why he drove his 1998 Lincoln Navigator into the
 Terminal 3 building shortly before 10 a.m."