Thursday, December 9, 2004

Caught Napping

1. "Kidnapper caught after nodding off"
"A thief who took two priests hostage in a church in Brazil was captured
 by police after he nodded off... A police spokesman said: 'It was the
 easiest job ever. After hours of negotiation he simply fell asleep. It
 was a pleasure to say good morning to him!'"

2. "Burglar falls asleep inside house"  [New Jersey, USA]
"A man who broke into a woman's house helped himself to some food and
 wine, then settled in for a nap -- until police arrested him"

3. "Burglar arrested after falling asleep"  [Serbia]
"A teenage burglar who ate and drank as much as he could after breaking
 into a top restaurant was caught because he fell asleep afterwards"

4. "Sleeping burglary suspect startles victims"
"An Oklahoma couple were surprised when they woke up and found a drunk
 burglary suspect asleep in bed with them"

5. "Burglar found passed out, in woman's clothes"
"A University of South Florida student found a drunk man passed out in
 her laundry room, wearing her clothes"

6. "Burglar falls asleep on shop display bed"
"A burglar who broke into a shop in Texas was arrested after falling
 asleep on a display bed. To make matters worse, the shop in Fort Worth
 is owned by the wife of a county district attorney"

7. "Blind car thief crashed into tree"
"A blind Romanian's decision to become a car thief was short-lived
 after he smashed into a tree and knocked himself out"
   "Blind car thief strikes again"
"Prica allegedly stole the car with another blind pal and a sighted
 friend in the passenger seat telling him which direction to drive"