Friday, December 3, 2004

Ten Interesting New Services

1. "Quirky holiday postcard business going well"
"The service collects people's personally written cards and posts them
 from a variety of expensive holiday destinations, just so they can
 impress others"

2. "Apology hotline offers redemption"
"Calls to the number are transferred to an answering machine that urges
 callers to 'apologize for anything. Say you're sorry. The idea is to
 make yourself feel better'"

3. "Bank opens 'love' counter"
"A German bank has opened a counter at which customers can buy services
 related to love. They range from a romantic picnic on the beach to a
 singer that serenades a lover with love songs"

4. "Damage therapy popular in Spain"
"Stressed out Spaniards are being given the chance to smash up cars,
 computers, TVs and mobile phones while listening to heavy rock music"

5. "Bad date? Use your cell excuse"
"The peak time for dates from hell in New York City is Friday at 8pm
 - judging by the mobile phone calls delivering emergency excuses to

6. "DJ's answer machine gives Romeos the brush-off"
"A Moscow DJ is a hit with the ladies after giving them a phone number
 they can give to nightclub Romeos"

7. "New service offered for drunken diallers"
"The company is providing a special number the phone owner can ring if
 they feel like they are on the verge of a big night out. They can
 then bar any phone numbers they select until 6:30am"

8. "Need an excuse? Background noises now available"
"[An enterprising German company] has come up with what it calls a
 sound alibi generator - background noises that can be downloaded on
 to a mobile phone to simulate the place you are supposed to be"

9. "Stressed bosses can listen to nature - by phone"
"Stressed managers in Austria can ring mobile phones with an automatic
 answering facility in Austrian forests and hear 'the genuine woodland
 sound of silence'"

10. "Save your knife, mail it back to yourself"
"Travelers who realize they're carrying a treasured pocketknife or
 grandma's scissors after arriving at the airport may now have a more
 convenient way to save the items"