Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Thou Doth Protest Too Oddly II

1. "Angry NZ man sends over 80,000 SMSes"
"A New Zealander sent over 80,000 text messages from his handphone last month
 - an average of 2,580 messages a day - in protest against a hike in short
 message service (SMS) rates"

2. "Pyjama protest speeds up delivery"
"A man who had waited two months for a new bed reportedly got it delivered
 within hours when he went to the store in his pyjamas in protest"

3. "Protesting bank customer votes with her hooves"
"A disgruntled customer protesting about interest rates rode her horse to
 the bank which uses the animal as its logo"

4. "Topless protesters march in Pamplona to protest bullfighting in Spain"
"Several hundred animal rights activists - some in their underwear, others
 topless - marched through Pamplona on Monday to condemn bullfighting on
 the eve of the Spanish city's wildly popular running of the bulls festival"

5. "Chilean man's hotel protest"
"A Chilean man dangled himself from a balcony on the 20th floor of a Miami
 hotel to protest against local discrimination against tourists"

6. "Protesters organize game of naked croquet"
"They were demonstrating against a recently passed anti-nudity ordinance"