Friday, March 2, 2007

SidewaysBike - Why?

If it was April 1st you could be forgiven for thinking this is an April
Fool's joke.  An Irish software engineer, Michael Killian, has invented
a "sideways" bicycle:
"How does a sideways bike work?"
"The cyclist sits sideways and operates a wheel with each hand, and
 pedalling makes the whole bike travel sideways"

The official homepage has YouTube videos of the bike it's younger
brother the "Terrible Two", and the "sideways scooter":

I don't think I'll be queuing up for one any time soon.


While on the topic of "What were they thinking?" ...

1. Microsoft Bob
"Microsoft Bob was a Microsoft software product, released in March 1995,
 which provided a new, nontechnical interface to desktop computing
 operations. Despite its ambitious nature, Bob failed to penetrate the
 market and is considered Microsoft's worst program, and their largest
 failure" (so far :)

Bob commentary and screenshots available at:

You will probably notice some of the "characters" in Bob have found
their way into other Microsoft products (for example, Rover).

2. Microsoft SPOT Watches
"Smart Personal Object Technology (SPOT) is Microsoft's initiative to
 attempt to create 'smart' software and hardware that will personalize
 household electronics and everyday devices to make their uses more

"Why Microsoft's SPOT is such a dog"

Nothing says "I'm an idiot" quite like wearing one of these fine

3. Finally, some classic fun with Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft

* Ballmer, jumping to "Get On Your Feet"
* Ballmer - Developers, developers, developers ...

If YouTube is blocked, read about it and try the links at:

Yes, he really is CEO of Microsoft.