Sunday, September 9, 2007

APEC 2007 = Comedy Festival?

Sydney-siders would no doubt be relieved that APEC 2007 has finished.
But APEC may not be what it purports to be.  On paper it looks like a
serious forum for the discussion of matters affecting the countries of
the Pacific rim.  Cynics would say it's just a succession of photo-
opportunities.  Maybe the true purpose of APEC is to be a showcase of
the comedic talents of World Leaders, especially George W. Bush?

* "Bush backs 'Austrian troops' at 'OPEC'"
"Gaffe-prone US President George W Bush confused APEC with OPEC and
 transformed Australian troops into Austrians in a series of blunders
 in Sydney on Friday"

The Chaser Strikes Back.  Was the highly-publicised security breach
by The Chaser an attempt to steal back the comedy spotlight from the
encroachments of the World Leaders?

* "Chaser stunt raises questions about APEC security"
"This is the most significant security event in Australia's history.
 It's the most significant, international, diplomatic event in
 Australia's history and therefore is extremely serious."

* "Aussie bin Laden penetrates APEC security"

Of course the annual class photos have been visually entertaining for
years now:

* APEC 2007: Leaders Official Photographs

The photo gallery is available via the above link on the official site,
but the direct url is ridiculously long.  Try this instead:

Don't they all look impressive in their blandly-coloured smocks, er,
Dryzabones?  Actually, I'm a bit disappointed at how bland and smock-
like the coats look on those leaders.  Nowhere near as colourful as
recent APEC efforts, highlighted in last year's B-List post:

Perhaps they should've asked Ken Done to add some colour to the