Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Frankenfish: genetically-engineered fish, intentional or accidental.  Sometimes
used to describe naturally-occurring freaky fish.

1. "Attack of the Frankenfish"
   "Frankenfish furor"
"Battle lines are being drawn as the Food and Drug Administration considers a
 request to commercially market a genetically-engineered variety of salmon that
 grows twice as fast as its country cousins and is furthermore resistant to the
 effects of freezing temperatures"

2. "Genetically altered pet faces challenge"

3. "Genetically engineered fish"
(Taiwan) "started selling the first genetically engineered fluorescent fish"

4. Blinky from The Simpsons

5. "Taiwan scientists accidentally develop two-headed fish"

6. "Return of Frankenfish"
A US lake will be drained "after the discovery of voracious 'walking' fish"

7. Deep-Sea Bestiary
"The ocean depths are home to a phantasmagoria of bizarre creatures, ranging
 from the footballfish to the 'vampire squid from hell'"

8. "Create a Frankenfish"

(a John West post)