Monday, June 30, 2003

The Very Model of a Modern Governor-General + June Follow-ups

The Very Model of a Modern Governor-General + June Follow-ups
1. The Very Model of a Modern Governor-General?

At my high school there was a Gilbert & Sullivan Society - I avoided
it like the plague.  But somehow I'm reminded of a song with the line
"The Very Model of a Modern Major-General" (from Pirates of Penzance),
and the recent appointment of a former Major-General as Australia's
new Governor-General sprang to mind.  I'm not claiming to be the first
General", but I think it's rather appropriate given recent events.
In fact, after a quick googling, I've found that the phrase has been
used before.  For example, a Canadian journalist rewrote the lyrics
of the G&S song to refer to the appointment of the new Canadian G-G
in 1999:
An interesting project would be to rewrite the lyrics in Australia's
current context.

Other uses of the phrase:
* Hillary's travel tips for PM: "The very model of a modern Governor-General"

* A Yank in Oz (weblog)
Contains a couple of posts providing a Yank's explanation of the role
of G-G and the recent crisis.

2. Follow-ups to June Postings

[Some Troublesome Kids]
* "Second driving offence for boy, 10"

[Stuck in a Moment?]
* "Police nab New York burglar stuck in chimney"
* "Burglar arrested after getting stuck in chimney"  (different chimney)
* "German thief caught short"
* "Pilot Calls Wife To Report He's Stuck In A Tree After Crashing"

[Shop Till You Drop]
* "Natural born shoppers - and men"

[Alternative Olympic Events]
* "Toe wrestlers gather for World Championship"
* "Eugene hosts huge ultimate Frisbee meet"
* "Mrs World crowned after rock climbing contest"

["No Dress" Code]
* "X-ray vision shows air passengers naked"

["The Cog"]
* Australian Honda Accord Ad
The links I gave last week were for a different model to that advertised
in Australia, and have a slightly different ending.  The link above is for
the local variation.