Friday, November 26, 2004

Animal Firestarters

1. "Pizza-loving pooch blamed for fire"
"A dog with a nose for pizza left on a stovetop apparently turned on the range
 inside a Ken Del apartment late Tuesday night causing a fire to start in unit
 No. 42"

2. "Dog starts Napa fire, nearly perishes with hamster"
"The fire began sometime before 8 a.m. in the kitchen of the home at 1596 Verna
 Drive after Charlotte, while jumping onto the counter to get to a bag of
 garbage that had been left there, inadvertently turned a knob on the stove"

3. "Foraging pigs spark fire"
"Five pigs searching for food ran into their owner's house in Cambodia, knocked
 over a container of gasoline and started a fire that killed the sleeping owner
 and seriously injured his wife, a newspaper reported today"

4. "Royalton house explosion blamed on animal"  [expired link]
"The Minnesota Office of Pipeline Safety said it believes a rodent - probably a
 gopher - chewed through a gas line causing the explosion"

5. "Backfire ignites dog, dog sets grass fire"
"The dog, whose coat caught fire when the owner's vehicle backfired, ignited a
 grass fire just off U.S. Highway 95"

6. "Blazing bunny's revenge"
"A rabbit set alight by a bonfire at an English cricket club got its revenge
 when it ran burning into a hut and set it ablaze destroying costly equipment"