Tuesday, August 10, 2004

DIY Trouble - Homemade Artillery

1. "One Fine September Morning..."
A story about home-made mortar that fires bowling balls, with pictures

2. "Ind. man builds pumpkin-shooting cannon"
"It looks much like a mobile anti-aircraft gun"

3. "Home-made cannon handed in to police"
"A 3ft-long home-made cannon has been wheeled into a West Midlands police
 station as part of the nationwide gun amnesty"

4. "German police arrest man firing potato bazooka"
"German police have arrested a man for firing potatoes at passers-by with a
 homemade bazooka, authorities in the western city of Essen"

5. "Teens lucky with homemade cannon"
"The trio of bored teens had decided to try building a homemade cannon.
 They used a meter-long iron pipe and bought a steel boccia ball to use as a
 projectile. The final ingredients were a small amount of gunpowder scraped
 out of some old fireworks and a fuse"

6. "NZ Govt scuppers DIY missile project"
"The New Zealand engineer who has been building a cruise missile in his back
 garden claims the New Zealand government has moved to shut down this

(a John West post)