Thursday, September 9, 2004

Mascot Mania

1. "A history of bizarre mascot incidents"

2. "Pittsburgh player may be charged after sausage mascot chopped with bat"
"Pittsburgh first baseman Randall Simon was booked for misdemeanor battery
 for hitting one of the Milwaukee Brewers' popular racing sausages with a bat
 during Wednesday night's game"
   "Mascots' revenge: Pickles launch counterattack"
"Three pickle mascots huddled at a minor league baseball game in Kentucky to
 plan a payback attack for their colleague ? an italian sausage at a
 Milwaukee Brewers game"

3. "Mascot mayhem"
"Whether or not it was an accident remains unclear, but in videotape Rocky
 appeared to stumble slightly before tripping on the stairs and smashing the
 cake in the birthday girl's face"

4. "Man arrested after allegedly attacking Orlando mascot"
"Hawkins, 39, put Stuff the Magic Dragon in a chokehold Friday night in the
 waning moments of the Magic's 102-98 win over the Denver Nuggets"

5. "Benny's mascot match misery"
"Benny the Buck's giant head was stolen while its owner, Lez Dean, was watching
 a celebrity football match in Collingham, near Newark"

6. "Bruising tackle nobbles Mooloo mascot"
"Part way through the first half of Sunday's Ranfurly Shield challenge between
 Waikato and the Bay at Mt Maunganui, Mooloo was hit with a blindside-bruiser
 of a tackle by a local fan"