Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Driven To Tears

1. "Fed-up designated driver loses licence deliberately"
   "Norwegian man 'driven to the edge'"
"A Norwegian was so fed up with being his girlfriend's designated driver
 that he lost his licence on purpose"

2. "Brothers, 4 and 2, take mother's SUV and crash into tree"

3. "This girl is SO grounded"
"A young girl going for a joyride with her boyfriend in her father's new
 SUV struck a Seattle Police car; she didn't have her license yet"

4. "Swimmer drives shark from water"
"A man has survived a shark attack on the New South Wales central coast and
 then driven himself to seek treatment with the shark still attached to his leg"

5. "Man drives digger into his £1.2m home"

6. "Man issued with speeding fine 'for driving at 406mph'"

7. "The Mystery of the Missing Car"
"'Honky' was supposed to be theftproof. So how did thieves bypass its high-tech
 transponder chip and drive it away from home?"