Monday, September 20, 2004

Bizarre School Punishment

Reading through these news items, I guess I should count myself lucky I didn't
go to one of these schools.  Then again, I did manage to get through high school
without receiving any form of punishment.  Not that I never did anything wrong,
but rather I just didn't get caught ;)

1. "Teacher cuts students' ears"
"A teacher in northern Bangladesh cut the ears of 17 students with scissors to
 discipline them"

2. "'Apologise in blood'"
"A Japanese teenager was forced by his teacher to write an apology in blood after
 dozing in the classroom"

3. "Teacher in trouble"
"An elementary school teacher was placed on paid leave for washing a boy's
 mouth out with soap after he shouted an obscenity at a classmate"

4. "Parents mull case; teacher repentant"
"Parents trooped to the Calaanan Elementary School Monday to confront a teacher
 who allegedly ordered her pupils to lick the toilet floors last Thursday while
 separate investigations are being initiated on the incident"

5. "Parents bark over 'seal walk' punishment"
"Two sets of parents said their children were told to 'drag their bodies across
 the hallway' in front of several onlookers after they were caught running in
 the halls of Oak Hill Middle School"