Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Pilfering Animals

These stories remind me of a friend's dog who used to visit neighbours' yards,
returning with shoes, balls, toys etc.

1. "'Klepto Cat' raiding Calif. homes"
"A marauding feline named Midnight - now dubbed Klepto Cat - has been sneaking
 off in the dark to raid neighbour's homes, garages, sheds and patios, bringing
 home shoes, hats, shirts, socks and even a wrapped Christmas present"

2. "Dog robs gas station"
"A hungry bull terrier with a sweet tooth left his home to make a night raid on
 a gas station"

3. "Foxes go on shoe-stealing spree"
"Foxes residing in inner Melbourne have stolen masses of shoes, prompting
 scientists to dub their activity the Imelda Syndrome"

4. "Hungry elephants hijack sugar trucks"
"Hungry elephants have gone on the rampage in eastern Thailand, ransacking
 villagers' plantations and forcing sugarcane trucks to stop so they can raid
 their goods"

5. "Thieving squirrels par for the course for Edmonton golfers"
"The furry critters regularly sprint from the bush, scoop golf balls from the
 green, and run off with them"

6. "How to squirrel away a $65,000 ring"
"British treasure hunters have been warned to stay away from a colony of red
 squirrels after England's Sun newspaper reported the rare creatures' nature
 reserve may be hiding a $65,000 engagement ring"