Thursday, October 28, 2004

Where's the Loot?

1. "Aussie bandits make getaway from gas station robbery with bags of garbage"
"Police said they have no idea why the men grabbed the trash but assumed they
 thought the bags contained money"

2. "Robbers end up with potato salad instead of cash"
"But instead of the one stuffed with money, they took another one in which one
 of the post workers had brought his lunch - two helpings of potato salad"

3. "Stickup men make off with lunch, not loot"  [expired link]
"[T]he pair demanded the night bank deposit bag, grabbed a blue bag from one
 employee and got away. Turns out the bag was the employee's lunch bag, not
 the deposit bag"

4. "Would-be purse stealer grabs Bible, police say"  [expired link]
"[A] would-be purse-snatcher who tried to strike in an Eastside church parking
 lot Sunday ended up with a Bible instead - and a group from the congregation
 in hot pursuit"

5. "Bag snatcher grabs slippery surprise"
"'The bag has been described as being made of heavy duty canvas and greyish
 blue in colour and contains a 1.2 metre red bellied black snake which is
 possibly quite cranky by now'"

6. "Security safe stolen from area business"
"When thieves open the safe they stole from the Chief Taopi Bar Friday night,
 they're going to be mad. There's nothing in the safe but denture adhesive"

7. "Cable snaps; Stolen ATM left behind"
"Police said a cable used by thieves to drag the money machine from a San
 Antonio City Employees Federal Credit Union off Northwest Loop 410 snapped
 in the middle of the street near the financial institution"