Monday, November 15, 2004

Pest Control Gone Wrong

Don't try these at home ...

1. "Bug-bomb explosion rips house apart"
"The owners of the house at 3715 Euclid Ave. reportedly set off 19 bug bombs
 in the home to exterminate insects, only to have the gas inside the containers
 fill the house until a pilot light ignited it, tearing the house apart"

2. "Man has close call when home explodes"
"'I thought I had shut off the pilot light in the water heater,' said Napoleon,
 who just moments before had opened two pest foggers in his home"

3. "Man sets house on fire trying to kill mosquito"  [Japan]
"Police say the property was gutted in the blaze caused by Tatsuo Onishi
 lighting a cigarette after spraying pesticide outside"

4. "Man sets fire to own house trying tackle mosquitoes"  [Brazil]
"He lit a sheet of paper to scare off the insects, but the flames quickly
 spread and worried neighbours called the fire brigade"

5. "Bid to rid apartment of wasps ends in blaze"  [Switzerland]
"A man who tried to fight bothersome wasps with insect spray and a cigarette
 lighter burned down his apartment and two neighbouring flats"

6. "Wasp smoke out sets house ablaze"  [Wales]
"It is thought the woman had lit a small fire outside the house to smoke out
 the wasps but timbers caught, spreading the flames to the roof"

7. "Burning wasp sets house on fire"  [Germany]
"[A] roofing worker used his blowtorch to protect himself against a swarm of
 the insects. A wasp was set on fire and flew back to its nest located in the
 rafters and set it on fire"

8. "Bee-burning effort results in arson arrest"
"Snyder ignited hair spray from an aerosol can and aimed it at the nest that
 he believed was concealed in a hole in the wall of the outside deck"

9. "Man arrested for lighting tarantula-fed fire"
"A Carlsbad man who burned a tarantula that crawled away and sparked a grass
 fire has been fined and sentenced to jail time"

10. "Man shoots at mouse, hits girlfriend"
"A US man who tried to shoot a mouse accidentally shot his girlfriend in the
 arm instead"


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