Wednesday, December 15, 2004


1. "'Escape king' leaves dummies behind in jail break"
"Guards opened their cells on Friday morning to find only dummies made
 of rags and cardboard lying where the men should have been"

2. "Prisoner walks out of jail leaving doll in his place"
"Brazilian prison authorities are investigating after an inmate escaped
 by walking out of the front gate, and left a rag doll in his place"

3. "Drug barons escape after Hollywood style con trick"
"Two drug barons have escaped from custody after prison guards were
 fooled by a 'Hollywood movie scale con trick', complete with a set
 and large cast"

4. "That's some origami! Prisoner uses gun made of paper to escape Wash. jail"
"A prisoner facing a life sentence made a fake gun out of paper and
 cardboard and escaped from a courtroom Monday"

5. "48 prisoners escape with bedsheets"
"A total of 48 prisoners escaped from a Brazilian prison by tying
 together bedsheets and scaling down the walls"

6. "Inmates climb human ladder to freedom"
"A mass break-out at a jail in Indonesia has seen 31 prisoners escape
 after forming a human ladder to climb over an eight metre wall"

7. "One-legged men skip jail"
"Two one-legged inmates were among 26 prisoners who scaled walls to
 break out of an overcrowded jail in the Brazilian city of Niteroi"