Friday, November 19, 2004

World Toilet Day

Today's post marks a very important occasion: World Toilet Day.

1. "World Toilet Summit opens"
"'New public toilets are an important symbol to demonstrate the development of
 the city'"
Find out more about the summit and the World Toilet Organization:

2. "Toilet computer warns users"
"A cultural centre in Amsterdam has installed sensors in its toilets that tell
 users if they're taking too much time... Toilet users will also be given a
 reminder if they fail to flush the toilet, smoke, don't put up the toilet
 seat, or use to much toilet paper"

3. "Men can't stand it"
"A German inventor who developed a gadget that berates men if they use the
 toilet standing up has sold more than 1.6 million devices"

4. "Student arrested for blocking toilet"
"A US college student's been arrested on the Canadian border and charged with
 blocking a toilet after answering a call of nature"

5. "School charges for toilet trips"
"School officials instituted a plan to charge pupils for toilet trips in order
 to pay for repairs that were needed after students vandalized bathroom

6. "Toilet training for pupils"
"Youngsters at the Lawrence Middle School, in New Jersey, are allowed just 15
 toilet breaks during class time each month"

7. "Kinder's toilet-cam plan upsets parents"  [expired link]
"A kindergarten will install surveillance cameras in toilets despite clashing
 with a student's family over privacy"

8. "Toilet users told to mind their pees and q's"
"In a campaign on latrine etiquette ahead of World Toilet Day on Wednesday,
 the association is urging users to report flushes that do not work and help
 tourists find the loo at shopping malls"

9. "Man goes down toilet"
"A man trying to fish his mobile phone out of a commuter train toilet got his
 arm stuck, forcing the train to stop and causing delays throughout the New
 York rail system"

10. "Man seeks income stream"
"A man in western China is reportedly seeking permission to turn his home into
 a public toilet in order to make money for his family"

11. "Singapore gives five stars to toilet"
"Environment Minister Lim Swee Say launched the 'Happy Toilet' campaign, which
 will rate public restrooms using a five-star system similar to that used for

12. "New play being staged in toilet"
"A Brazilian theatre company has opened its new production - in a public toilet"