Friday, July 30, 2004

Pocket Calculator Show + July Postings Reprised

1. Pocket Calculator Show
Purpose: "to collect and celebrate personal memories of all integrated circuit-
based consumer products from the electronics revolution of the 1970s and 1980s"

* Nerd Watch
* Boombox
* Walkman
* Calculator
* Magical Gadget (unusual items/novelties)

2. July Postings Reprised

[New Taste-Bud Treats]
* "Horse flavoured ice cream?"
"Garlic, potato and lettuce, and cactus and seaweed along with raw horse-flesh
 are now available in Japan's shops"

[Animal Intruders]
* "Two cows recaptured after wandering through beer tent at NS lobster festival"
* "Wild boar killed after wandering near South Korean presidential office"
"A wild boar that appeared near South Korea's presidential office complex led
 about 90 people on a 12-hour chase through the capital before it was downed
 by tranquillizer darts"

[Money For Nothing - Error In Your Favour]
* "Swiss man is made millionaire by mistake"
"A Swiss man was made a millionaire overnight after public finance officials
 transferred more than £2.5m to his account by mistake"

[Some Things That Are Good For You]
* "Coffee is 'health drink' says Italian"
* "A choc a day can keep your baby's stress away"
""The babies born to women who had been eating chocolate daily during
 pregnancy were more active and 'positively reactive' "

[Sorry To Barge In (Not)]
* "Vandals crash bulldozer into Gibbs High School classroom"
"Police say four teens broke into a construction area and cranked up a
 bulldozer Saturday night. It smashed into a portable building causing extreme damage"