Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Dining Out Suggestions

1. "Restaurant offers diners new pitch on blind date"
"Diners rub their eyes as they emerge from behind a curtain after eating
 at France's only pitch black restaurant"
   "Dining in the dark in Paris"
"At 'Dans le Noir' -- In the Dark -- it's not just that the lights are off
 and curtains closed. Diners sit in a room of inky blackness that the eyes
 never adjust to"

2. "Hushed reception for the Café des Signes"
"France's first silent bistro, where most of the 45-strong staff cannot
 hear, has been opened officially after a month's trial on the left bank's
 Avenue Jean-Moulin and there is little chance of being served quickly
 unless you use a bit of imagination"

3. "A restaurant full of beds? Yep, it's no lie"
"What do I mean, a bed-filled restaurant? You know - a restaurant filled
 with about 30 king-size beds, tons of satin pillows and some very awkward-
 looking waiters bending down to change the sheets between customers"

4. "Piggybacking on other brands"
"Cereality, a Boulder, Colorado, company this Wednesday opens its first
 full scale, sit-down restaurant, near the campus of the University of
 Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. The Philly location will serve 33 kinds of
 name-brand cereal, along with Cereality-created cereals, and specialty
 items like cereal bars... Cereality servers wear pajamas. The restaurants
 are starting out near college campuses, because as the New York Times
 reported several weeks ago on its front page, cereal is all the rage as
 the latest college eating trend"

5. "St Peter's Basilica, serving heavenly coffee"
"St Peter's Basilica now has its own rooftop coffee bar... Located on the
 terrace at the base of the cupola designed by Michelangelo, it commands a
 breathtaking view of St Peter's Square all the way to the Tiber River and

6. "For the ultimate control freak: cook-it-yourself"
"Well, according to Time, 'restaurants where diners chop, grill, boil or
 dip their food are hot in the heartland'"