Sunday, August 31, 2008

Odds and Ends, Sun 31 August 2008

1. "Retro Thing"
"Retro thing is an independent vintage gadget website run by a team of
 renegade elves based in Calgary and Chicago. Each month we present a
 never-ending stream of classic and almost-classic gizmos and books."
Example retro items:
* "General Electric's 1978 Widescreen TV" (more like a Big Screen TV)
* "RCA Selectavision 400: Timeshifting Not Allowed"
* "AKAT-1: A Stunning Retrocomputer"

2. "Marvelous Magazine Ads from 1904"

3. "The monetary density of things"
"It's a common figure of speech to say that x is worth its weight in y,
 where y is usually (but not always) gold. But most of us don't buy and
 weigh gold very often, so how do you connect that to real life? Does
 'worth its weight' in pennies or $100 bills make any more sense? We
 have collected here a bunch of examples for different things that
 represent a wide range of monetary value per unit weight, in what
 might make a useful calibration chart for your future idiomatic usage."

4. "15 Spectacular Lightning Images"

5. "9 amazingly unique bridges you may not have seen"

6. "Rich People Rooftops NYC"

7. "Rules To Follow When Cell Phones Drop Coverage"