Thursday, February 24, 2005

Chocoholics Rejoice

It's a bit early for Easter, but here are some chocolate-related links.

1. "Celebrities immortalised in chocolate"
"Jonathan Ross is beating David Beckham in the race to be turned into chocolate"

2. "Chocolate nativity leaves Italians' mouths watering"
"Christmas has never tasted this good - 32 pastry chefs in Italy have unveiled
 what they say is the biggest ever nativity scene made entirely of chocolate"

3. Other unusual chocolate items
*  Chocolate Cellular Phone
*  Chocolate Handbags
*  Chocolate Solar System"
*  The Art of Sushi in Chocolate

In other, possibly related, news:
*  "Fear of world chocolate shortage"
"The price of chocolate bars could soar if diseases that have devastated South
 America's cocoa crops are allowed to spread to other parts of the world, a
 scientist has warned"
*  "UK shopper drives a sweet deal"
"A woman with an apparently insatiable sweet tooth stunned staff at a British
 shop when she bought more than 10,000 chocolate bars and had them loaded into
 her chauffeur-driven limousine"