Thursday, December 2, 2004

Cunning Disguises

Yes, this is the second posting today.  There are several "reject" themes I
want to dispose of (John West posts), so there are going to be some days
where I do two posts.  Consider it a pre-Christmas clearance sale.  These
posts will generally not be as amusing (imo).

1. "Giant chicken holds up grocery store"
"Police told the court that a man wearing a mask and a bright yellow chicken
 suit with orange chicken feet walked into the Kroger store just before
 midnight on Jan. 2"

2. "Businesses on the lookout for Frankenstein robber"
"Three times, in less than three weeks, a man in a Frankenstein mask has robbed
 or attempted to rob area businesses"

3. "Santa's sidekicks attempt Holland hold-up"
"Two people dressed up as 'Black Pete' - a ubiquitous symbol of the Christmas
 season in the Netherlands - had queued patiently, but when their turn came one
 ducked behind the post office counter while the other waved 'something that
 looked like a weapon'"

4. "Man dressed as Darth Vader tries to rob pizza deliveryman"
"A man dressed up as Darth Vader used the infamous disguise to scare, and then
 try to rob, an unsuspecting pizza deliveryman over the weekend"

5. "'Elvis' and 'Belushi' arrested"
"US police arrested an Elvis Presley impersonator and a Blues Brother lookalike
 following a bizarre evening in Michigan"

6. "Man disguised as gorilla snatches bananas from shop"
"'I didn't realise that it was a gorilla at first. All I saw was something big
 and black with a lot of hair,' the South China Morning Post quoted her as
 saying. 'I thought I saw a ghost so I tried to drive it away with a broom.'"

7. "Monkey man robs milk bar"
"A man wearing a plastic monkey mask and armed with a steak knife robbed a milk
 bar in a suburb of Geelong yesterday"

8. "Serial robber uses pencil-drawn moustache as disguise"
"The FBI are hunting a bank robber who's struck eight times this year with only
 a pencil-drawn moustache as a disguise"

(a John West post)