Thursday, June 9, 2005

Nowhere to Hide

1. "Missing rugby player found in fridge"
"A Tongan rugby player has been found hiding in a fridge as he tried to
 dodge deportation from New Zealand"

2. "Prisoner hides in sofa"
"An escaped prisoner was found by police - hiding inside a sofa"

3. "Florida man on lam found inside of television"  [expired link]
"A 6-foot man allegedly on the run from Florida authorities since September
 was found this week curled up inside of a television"

4. "Fugitive's luck runs dry"
"A second search of the home turned up a twisted, 6-foot Nunn hiding in a
 clothes dryer that was blocked by yet another clothes dryer"

5. "Drink driver locked herself in toilet"  [expired link]
"A drunk Dutch driver had to be freed by the fire brigade after she locked
 herself in a hospital toilet to avoid a blood test"