Thursday, December 30, 2004

Clues Left at the Crime Scene, DNA Edition

1. "Jewelry robber nabbed because he blew his nose"  [expired link]
"Police say a man who blew his nose before stealing diamonds from a
 West Bend jewelry store is a DNA match with a tissue he left behind"

2. "Burglar leaves stinker of a clue"
"Police in Sweden are confident of catching a burglar who used the
 toilet during a raid but forgot to flush"

3. "Man's dandruff leads to conviction"  [expired link]
"Pearson was arrested in June after DNA testing matched his dandruff
 with a swab of his saliva"

4. "Police point finger at jaguar fan"
"A New Mexico man has made a hasty exit from a zoo after climbing
 close to a cage to illegally pet a jaguar but police were able to
 track him down by the severed finger he left behind"

(a John West post)