Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Finally Found, After All These Years

1. "Man reunited with wallet ten years after it fell down back of sofa"
"A German man has been reunited with his wallet more than ten years after
 losing it down the back of a sofa"

2. "Man reunited with wallet - after 26 years"
"An Austrian man has been reunited with his wallet 26 years after he lost it
 down the back of a hotel armchair"

3. "Japanese builders find US Marine's wallet after 46 years"
"Casimiro Naranjo III lost the wallet at Camp Foster, once Camp Hague, during
 a nine-month stay in 1957"

4. "Wedding ring missing for decades mysterious reappears for anniv."
"Ann Cummings got a surprise gift for her 50th wedding anniversary: the
 engagement ring she lost 45 years ago"

5. "Long-lost coin completes the picture"
"A gold coin unearthed from the battlefield of Agincourt, and once handled by
 the painter JMW Turner, has turned up after 91 years, just in time for a
 Turner exhibition in Birmingham"

6. "Abandoned NZ boat discovered in Qld two years later"
"A long distance row boat which disappeared two years ago has been found
 washed up on Wreck Island, off the central Queensland coast"

7. "Missing dog found after nine years"
"A German family have been reunited with their stolen golden retriever dog -
 after nine years"