Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Marital Bliss

The B-List is back after a little break.  For various reasons I decided to cut
back on my online time for a while.  Now that I have broadband access (and I
no longer have to worry about tying up the phone line) I may post a bit more

Today's post lists examples of the joys of matrimony.

1. "Man chops off wife's tongue"
"Police in eastern India have arrested a man who chopped off his wife's tongue
 to stop her constant nagging"

2. "Wife retaliates for ear-bending with ear-lopping"
"An Iranian man who gave his martial arts-enthusiast wife an ear-bending over
 her tardy homecoming was given a brutal response when she lopped off his ear
 with a knife"

3. Lock me up, please!
*  "Italian prisoner prefers cell to wife"
"An Italian prisoner who was given home leave for good behaviour asked to go
 back to his cell after spending less than a day with his wife ... 'We got a
 call from him saying he couldn't stand being with his wife and was it
 possible to go back to his cell. He said he didn't want to spend another
 minute with her'"
*  "Husband chooses jail to escape nagging wife"  [Germany]
"He said he couldn't stand the constant bickering at home with his wife and
 was looking forward to a bit of peace and quiet in jail"
*  "Man prefers prison to wife, so he claims"  [Philippines]
"He said he was tired of hearing his wife nag him about his drinking habits
 and lack of a stable job. He said he wanted to be jailed so his wife and
 children could face a good future without him"

4. "Woman may have bitten husband to death?"
"Modesto police said that Kelli Pratt, 45, attacked her 65-year-old husband
 Arthur on Oct. 7, holding him down and biting him some 20 times after a
 dispute over sex"

5. "Wife's cooking drove man to blow up kitchen"
"A Romanian man faces charges after he tried to blow up his kitchen because
 his wife was such a lousy cook"

6. "Man makes wife ride on car bonnet"
"A Jordanian man forced his wife to sit on the bonnet of their car and drove
 through the streets of the capital to 'punish' her after they had an

7. "Marine still loves wife despite plot"  [expired link]
"The U.S. Marine Corps motto of semper fidelis (always faithful) got tested
 Wednesday in U.S. District Court when the victim of a grenade attack stood
 beside his wife even though she is accused of plotting his murder attempt
 with an adulterous lover"

8. "Man sells wife's kidney, then divorces her"
"Ashfaq convinced Zohra to undergo surgery so that the couple could have
 children, but instead had one of her kidneys removed and sold for Rs.200,000.
 Having no further use of her, he also divorced her"