Monday, December 13, 2004

Travelling Cats

1. "Cat crosses Siberia to get home"
"A Russian family has been reunited with their pet cat after it made a
 1,300 mile trek across Siberia to get home"

2. "Iran cat survives crate adventure"
"A black cat was found in a vat aboard a ship - apparently surviving a
 45-day odyssey that took it from Iran to the Bronx"

3. "Baghdad cat makes six week trip to UK in tank"
"Her journey to the UK took six weeks and she survived the ordeal by
 eating bugs and lapping up condensation from the vehicle's walls"

4. "Stowaway cat is all at sea"
"An international rescue mission has been launched to rescue a stowaway
 New Zealand cat that wandered onto a ship bound for South Korea"

5. "Cat survives 30-day trip in shipping box"
"The female cat, named China by animal service staff members, tips the
 scale at just over 3 pounds after being trapped in the container for
 the nearly monthlong trip"

6. "Cat spends 19 days in plane's hold"
"Billy was put on a US Airways plane from Phoenix, Arizona to Phil-
 adelphia on March 29 and was due for a connecting flight to Germany"

7. "Continental journey for curious cat"
"Top Cat ended up in Bordeaux after climbing into the van which was
 taking items from the neighbour's home in St Neot, Cornwall, to the
 French city"

8. "A long, strange trip for cat missing seven years"
"When workers scanned her for a microchip and found she had been lost
 in Florida seven years earlier, they wondered if it was a gag"

9. "Stray American cat 'found wandering in Oxford'"
"A stray cat that was wandering the streets of Oxford was found to have
 been registered in the USA when rescuers did a microchip scan on it"

10. "Milanese moggy hitches to Wales"
"An Italian cat ended up in Wales after hiding in the back of a lorry
 in Milan"

11. "Cat back with owners two years and 200 miles later"
"A cat which travelled 200 miles after straying from its owners almost
 two years ago is back home"

12. "Mystery of moggie's 350 mile journey"
"Three-year-old Gallagher was found on Teesside almost a month after
 leaving owner Rachel Pedley's home in Hampshire"

13. "'Heartbroken' cat makes the long journey home"
"A homesick cat walked a hundred kilometres back home after being given
 away by its Beijing owner... The three-year-old cat ran away from its
 new home and spent 40 days finding its way back to its old owner"

14. "No place like home for cat after 33 trips"
"In the past two years, he's navigated more than 3 miles of hills and
 busy streets to visit the old neighborhood -- 33 times"