Friday, January 14, 2005

Strange But True

1. "Twin sisters deliver twin boys on same day"
"Two twin sisters are seeing double - or make that quadruple - after
 delivering two sets of twin boys Tuesday"

2. "Twins caught speeding on same day, same car"
"Early Sunday morning, Const. Chris Legere pulled over an eastbound car
 on Highway 401 for traveling at 155 kilometres an hour. An 18-year-old
 woman from Akwesasne was charged with speeding and given a notice to
 appear in Alexandria court on Feb. 7. Hours later, the same car was
 stopped by Legere for travelling at 148 km/h, but this time it was
 going westbound. Although the driver looked the same as the first
 person stopped, an identification check showed that it was now the
 twin sister of the first driver."

3. "Dutch twins share same pin"
"Dutch twins have discovered they share the same pin number for their
 bank account... Jefta complained to his brother that the new code was
 difficult to remember. When Jiddo asked what it was, they found out
 they had the same code"

4. "Owners do a double-take over identical cars"
"An Iranian who saw a woman driving what he swore was his own car accused
 her of stealing it, only to find two identical vehicles had accidentally
 been issued with the same registration plate"

5. "7-Eleven employee gets bonus after having 7-pound, 11-ounce baby"
[expired link, but headline says it all]

6. "Mobile phone saves life"
"A mobile phone saved a man's life when it stopped a crossbow arrow in

7. "Golfing partners score holes-in-one on same hole"
"Two golfing friends scored holes-in-one on the same hole while playing
 a round of golf together"