Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Look What I Found

1. "Nebraska woman finds $3,000 in chair bought at garage sale"
"Stafford has found more than $3,000 in bills dating from 1928 to 1953 in
 the bottom of a high-backed chair she bought at a garage sale - for $2"

2. "Beggar found 400 pieces of jewellery in rubbish bin"
"Assia Mladenova was looking for iron and cardboard objects to sell to
 recyclers when she came upon the treasure trove, worth about £4,400"

3. "Orem Man Finds $10K in New House"
"When he and a friend pulled the cover off of an air vent during the
 installation, he found a metal box. As he opened it up, he saw something
 was wrapped up in aluminum foil. When he unwrapped the foil, he saw cash"

4. "£5 jacket had £600 in pocket"
"A Chicago woman bought a jacket from a charity shop for £5 - and found
 £600 in the pocket"

5. "Woman finds expensive art in cheap wallpaper"
"In late June, Corinne Turner walked into a Utah discount store and spent
 99 cents on canvas wallpaper. She opened her purchase to find -- surprise!
 -- five pieces of art worth $6,000"

6. "Precious cello saved from CD cabinet fate"
"A Los Angeles nurse has found a stolen Stradivarius cello worth $5 million
 next to a rubbish bin and planned to turn it into a CD cabinet until she
 discovered it was the instrument the whole town was searching for"

7. "Woman finds rare car buried in garden"
"A woman has found a 60-year-old car buried in her garden... The car turned
 out to be a rare Ford V8 Pilot"

8. "Man finds tank in garden"
"A New Zealand man who hit a metal object while digging the garden was
 shocked to find it was a four tonne tank"