Wednesday, May 19, 2004


I'm not sure "polygamism" is an actual word, but I'm using it anyway to group
these news stories about polygamists, including serial polygamists and
accidental ones.

1. "Indian man aiming for 100th marriage"

2. "Man weds 15 times in three years"  [Nicaragua]

3. "Woman 'had 27 husbands'"  [USA]

4. "Alleged serial groom nabbed in Cyprus"  [Cyprus]

5. "Man marries two sisters"  [India]

6. "Bride discovers she is already someone's wife"  [South Africa]

7. "Bridegroom discovers he's already married"  [England]

8. "Forbidden nuptials on hold: He's married"  [USA]

(a John West post)