Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Tacky Marketing Gimmicks

Since about half of the members of B-List mailing list are female, and given
that today was International Women's Day, this post could be construed as a
bit provocative.  So to avoid getting flamed, let me say that I think the
businesses featured in these stories are very tacky indeed :)

1. "Waitresses 'dressed' only in body paint"
"The waitresses are part of an art project by photographer Hube Salamanca
 who received more than 500 requests from women wanting to participate in
 the project"

2. "Restaurant serves sushi in the raw"
"A US restaurant that boasts a house special of sushi served on a naked
 woman has sparked furious protests by women's groups but eager diners are
 jostling for seats"

3. "Bikini barbers raise temperatures in Warsaw"
"The city's numerous bikini-wearing female barbers have been ordered by
 health inspectors to obey safety regulations and cover up while on duty"

4. "Women vow to picket topless barber shop"
"Plans for a topless barber shop has sparked a furore with women's rights
 groups vowing to organise a picket and shame male customer"

5. "Town considers topless coffee shop"  [expired link]

6. "Workers at this hair salon wear lingerie"  [expired link]

7. "'Betel nut beauties' given cover up order"
"Police in the Taiwanese city of Taichung have ordered the city's scantily-
 clad betel nut saleswomen to dress more conservatively to help reduce car