Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Clues Left at the Crime Scene

1. "Photogenic crooks catch themselves"
"[The crooks] playfully took snapshots of themselves while driving around
 in a stolen SUV... After their joyride, the men unwittingly left the
 disposable camera in the car, helping police identify and track them down"

2. "Wal-Mart 'thief' photo-finished"  [expired link]
"The clueless Long Island thief who posed for a picture while stealing
 $2,000 worth of digital camera equipment at a Wal-Mart is now posing for
 a mug shot"

3. "Burglar leaves photo at scene"
"[A]s he lurched away he dropped his keys, which had a picture of him on
 the fob above the words Jordan B"

4. "Britain's 'dumbest' criminal"
"A robber who left behind a mobile phone containing his picture has been
 dubbed Britain's dumbest criminal"

5. "Irish burglar tells homeowner his name"
"A man was caught breaking into a house in the Irish Republic after
 telling the owner who he was... When one of the occupants woke up and
 heard him moving around, she called out 'who's there?' to which he
 replied: 'It's me, Tommy'"

6. "Careless thief gave himself away"
"A German thief has been arrested after accidentally giving a victim
 his own wallet"

7. "Robbery suspect leaves big clue for cops"
"Police had help in tracking down a robbery suspect ... from the suspect.
 Police Chief Tom Casady said officers investigating a Nov. 11 robbery
 had a strong clue in a $75 check from the Cass County Jail to 39-year-
 old Kevin Martzett"

8. "Front door dumped illegally in Wales"
"Someone who illegally dumped debris by the side of a road was quickly
 traced because the junk included his front door, with the number still
 on it, authorities said Thursday. The other even more obvious clue was
 a letter found in a sofa that was part of the debris"

9. "Robbers leave details at crime scene"
"Officers detained them after finding that the pair had left their car
 rental details behind"

10. "Bungling phone thief leaves CPR copy behind"  [expired link]
[CPR = cellular phone rental]

11. "Thief left his x-rays at the scene"
"Police in Germany saw right through a teenage burglar after he left
 x-rays of himself at the scene of the crime"