Sunday, September 27, 2009

Odds and Ends, Sun 27 September 2009

1. "Learn Something Every Day"

2. "Artist paints landscapes from Google Street View"
"Bill Guffey, an artist who cannot afford to travel, uses Google Street
 View to visit locations around the world and capture them in paint."

3. "New online Monopoly game is streets ahead"
"Monopoly City Streets, a link up between game owners Hasbro and Google
 Maps, launches on Wednesday for a four-month period. It enables one, in
 theory, to buy any street in the world."

4. "Question Suggestions"
"small voyages into the collective psyche of humans who ask google

5. "Waiting for the Weekend"
"A whole two days off from work, in which we can do what we please, has
 only recently become a near-universal right. What we choose to do looks
 increasingly like work, and idleness has acquired a bad name. Herein, a
 history of leisure"

6. "The mysterious equilibrium of zombies"
"... and other things mathematicians see at the movies"

7. "Book of Space"
"You pick up a book, and you open the covers... and a series of rooms
 begins to pass by, like the frames of a film or sequences in a flip-
 book, and it's all due to laser-cut gaps and remainders."

8. "What's wrong with this picture?"