Sunday, February 3, 2008

Odds and Ends, Sun 3 February 2008

1. "The Incompatible Food Triad"
"Can you find three foods such that all three do not go together (by
 any reasonable definition of foods 'going together') but every pair of
 them does go together?"

2. "Microsoft Boy announces his School Homework"
"Scene: The History lesson in school. The teacher wearily calls
 Microsoft Boy to his desk to try to discover where his homework is."

Update: Microsoft seeks patent for process of delivering software late.

3. "Robbie Williams CDs will be used to pave roads in China"
"More than a million copies of the CD 'will be crushed and sent to the
 country to be recycled,' we read, where they 'will be used in street
 lighting and road surfacing projects.'"

4. "Britney's life made into ballet"
"The very public problems of Britney Spears are rarely out of the
 headlines, but now her troubles are being put on the stage by one of
 Britain's leading modern dance companies."

5. "Pet goth girl on leash thrown off bus"
"A bus company has apologised to a girl who is led around on a leash by
 her boyfriend and describes herself as a human pet after one of its
 drivers threw her off a bus."

6. "Wanted: Web ad hitman to kill lover's wife"
"A US woman has been arrested after she allegedly tried to hire a hitman
 to murder her married lover's wife by posting an ad on the popular
 website, law enforcement officials said."

7. "Finland hospital serves up mouse head"
"A hospital patient in Finland found a mouse head among the steamed
 vegetables on his plate."