Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Uninvited Company

1. "Stranger moves into woman's house"
"A woman came home from vacation to find a stranger living there, wearing her
 clothes, changing utilities into her name and even ripping out carpet and
 repainting a room she didn't like, authorities said"

2. "N.C. man returns home, finds homeless people"
"A North Carolina man says he came back from three weeks of vacation to find
 three homeless people living in his house. They were watching TV when he came
 through the door"

3. "Man knocks his flat into neighbour's"
"A man who found his flat in the city of Metz too small, knocked it into his
 neighbour's flat and moved in"

4. "Naked intruder found at Russian consulate"
"Police arrested a naked man in the office of the Russian consulate in downtown
 Seattle early Thursday morning"

5. "Intruder sneaks into Olivos residence in a new blot on presidential security"
"A man sneaked into the Olivos presidential residence on Sunday morning, walked
 around the mansions gardens for around three hours and even asked for a glass
 of water at the guests house before walking away without being noticed"

6. "Uninvited 'visitors' in Hess"
"Two residents living on different floors of Hess Hall were awakened by an
 unknown visitor who entered their rooms Monday morning"

7. "Intruder flees through neighborhood"
"A man suspected of trying to break into a Sterling Hgts. home ended up running
 from house to house trying to hide from police"

8. "Robbers staged party in victim's home"
"A gang of robbers who raided a house in Argentina threw a party in front of
 their victims"