Sunday, August 26, 2007

Paul Graham Essays, Hackers & Painters

Paul Graham is a programmer, painter and author.  He usually writes
about programming, but he writes general stuff too, such as a piece
on procrastination I posted recently.

He's written a couple of interesting pieces lately:
* Stuff
  ... which is about having too much of it
* Holding a Program in One's Head
Ôøº  <>
  ... which gives an insight to non-programmers how programmers work
(and why we get cranky when interrupted)

Other great essays are on his website:
* How to Do What You Love
* What You'll Wish You'd Known
* How to Make Wealth
* Great Hackers
* Hackers and Painters

He wrote a book a few years ago, "Hackers & Painters: Big Ideas from the
Computer Age":
Some of the essays in the book are also published on the site.  I read the
book last year and enjoyed it.