Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Falling Down - Lucky Escapes

1. "Woman survives fall from parking garage"
"A shortcut through a downtown Orlando parking garage could have cost a local
 woman her life"
With link to video clip describing what she tried to do.

2. "Teen somersaults to safety after fourth-floor fall"
"A British junior gymnast fell from a fourth-floor hotel window - and performed
 a somersault on the way down to land feet first"

3. "Teen survives 20-storey fall"
"A 15-year-old boy miraculously survived after leaping 20 storeys to escape
 taunts by his older brother for losing in a computer game"

4. "Man catches girl as she falls 3 floors"
"A 2-year-old girl fell three stories from a resort walkway and safely into
 the arms of a man who had been reading a book by the pool and raced to save

5. "Girl's fall broken by stray dog"
"A four-year-old girl who fell from a third floor balcony was saved after
 she landed on a stray dog"

6. "Toddler survives four-storey fall"
"A three-year-old boy has escaped without serious injury after falling from
 a fourth floor window in Russia"

7. "Girl survives 45-foot fall"
"12-year-old girl was catapulted through a window in the family's SUV during
 a two-vehicle crash, and survived a 45-foot fall from a freeway overpass"

8. "Two women injured when car falls into sinkhole"  [registration required]
   Photo - no registration required
"Engineers examine a sinkhole today in Owings Mills after two female passengers
 of a car that fell into the hole were rescued and hospitalized with non-life-
 threatening injuries"

(a John West post)