Monday, May 24, 2004

Celebrity News - Divas and Crooners

1. "Atomic cat fight"
"Atomic Kitten's Jenny Frost has launched a counter-attack on Kerry McFadden
 by claiming she can't sing a note"

2. "'Posh is an evil, conniving little cow': Jordan"

3. "'I'm better than Beyonce'"
"Kylie Minogue has ignited a new battle of the pop babes by claiming she is
 better than chart rival Beyonce. And she did not stop there: Minogue thinks
 both Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera are too raunchy in their videos"

4. "Palace dinner date for Beyonce and Jay-Z"

5. "None in the oven"
"Brain-cell challenged TV cheeselet Jessica Simpson has admitted she believed
 she was up the duff simply because she read it in a gossip mag"

6. "Britney getting real for TV series"
"Britney Spears would narrate and even wield a digital camera to chronicle her
 adventures with her dancers, bodyguards and managers from the tour bus to the
 stage on her new reality series"

7. "Dido has monopoly on board games"
"Dido has admitted she used to play Monopoly alone when she was growing up"

8. "Barry Manilow breaks nose"
"Barry Manilow is trying to get the feeling again after walking into a wall in
 his bedroom and breaking his nose"

9. "Ozzy Osbourne seriously injured in accident"
"Osbourne's publicist said pills had nothing to do with accident"

10. "Teen pop band Menudo is being revived"

11. "Le Bon used to enter Duran Duran lookalike contests"