Thursday, January 20, 2005

Touching Reunions

1. "Brothers bump into each other after 53 years apart"
"Two brothers who lost contact 53 years ago after one moved to Argentina
 and the other to Australia have been reunited by chance at Lisbon's
 international airport while on a trip to their native Portugal"

2. "Old soldier found long lost comrade - next door"
"Two soldiers who thought each other had died in a bloody Second World
 War battle 60 years ago have discovered they are next-door neighbours"

3. "Opera singer finds soldier who sang for his supper"
"Italian opera singer Romano Dragoni has long wanted to meet again the
 hungry New Zealand soldier who, nearly 60 years ago, sang to his family
 as payment for taking some eggs during World War II"

4. "Twins meet 20 years after being separated at birth"
"Twins separated at birth in Mexico 20 years ago have met after a mutual
 friend in New York spotted their likeness"

5. "Man finds long-lost father in same block of flats"
"An 18-year-old man has discovered his long-lost father living in the
 same block of flats"

6. "Pixie jar helps find a brother"
"In a truth is stranger than fiction story, the Pixie Cookie jar from
 Grant-Howard has lead to Bob Kunath finding a brother he never knew