Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Sleepwalking Adventures

1. "Sleepwalking teen rescued from crane"
"A teenage sleepwalker was rescued after being found fast asleep 40 metres
 up on the arm of a crane in London"

2. "Sleep walker wakes up and falls off roof"
"Thomas Manninger climbed out of a first-floor window, shimmied up a drain-
 pipe and managed to walk across the roof of his house, before falling 20
 feet to the ground when he woke up and realised where he was"

3. "German sleepwalker wakes up stark naked on street"  [expired link]

4. "Sleep walker mows lawn naked"
"A sleep-walking computer expert was caught by his wife mowing the lawn
 naked at 02:00"

5. "Sleepwalk plunge halts wedding"
"A couple's dream wedding had to be cancelled when the groom went sleep-
 walking and fell out of a window the night before"

6. "Sleepwalker cleared of murdering father"
"A British man was cleared of murdering his father after a court accepted
 his excuse he was sleepwalking at the time, a highly unusual defence
 seen just a handful of times in the country's legal history"

7. "Knife-wielding sleepwalker stabs hotel owner"
"A sleepwalker who stabbed the owner of a hotel in China where he was
 staying was freed after paying his victim compensation"


Diary of a Somnambulist
Someone is keeping a diary of their sleepwalking adventures.  The site
also has links on the topic of somnambulism.