Thursday, February 5, 2004

Bite Me Indeed

Be careful when you invite someone to "bite me", because they just might take
you literally ...

1. "Bite night on the 7 train"
"A crazed straphanger bit off the thumb of a 71-year-old Queens man and chewed
 his grandson's face during a wild attack in a packed rush-hour subway car"

2. "Kid bites teacher - teacher bites kid"

3. "Man nearly bit off stepfather's toe, police say"

4. "Man loses nose in TV row"

5. "Forgive and forget"
"A woman in Germany says she still loves her boyfriend even though he bit off
 her nose"

6. "I.F. woman charged with defacing boyfriend"
"An Idaho Falls man is recovering tonight after his girlfriend allegedly bit
 off a chunk of his chin"

7. "20-year-old 'has tongue bitten off during first ever kiss'"

8. "Woman bites off man's tongue"

9. "Man bites stylist after haircut"  [expired link]