Thursday, January 13, 2005

Glitches Caused by Animals

1. "Curiosity killed the power: Cat in substation blamed for city outage"
"The feline, of the dark tiger variety, wandered into the Cinergy substation
 north of town, darkening many city homes and most city TV sets. And then --
 after an unhealthy jolt of electricity had coursed through its body -- the
 cat wandered away"

2. "Rat killed power supply"
"A rat the size of a small cat cut the power for 15,000 consumers in downtown
 Bodø [Norway] Thursday evening"

3. "Rat plunges World Cup game into darkness"
"A rat has been blamed for plunging a football stadium into darkness during a
 World Cup qualifier match [in Calcutta, India]"

4. "Bunny blamed for Bluffs blackout"  [expired link]

5. "Squirrel knocks out power to 13,000"
"A single squirrel knocked out electricity to a large portion of northern
 Crow Wing County Wednesday morning"

6. "Boa triggers blackout"
"A snake triggered a 15 minute countrywide power outage when it slithered
 into the intake tunnel of a major hydroelectric plan"

7. "Wayward whale trapped at N.S. power plant"
"A hydroelectric plant in Nova Scotia remained shut down Tuesday after a
 wayward whale swam through the underwater gates that connect the facility
 with the Bay of Fundy"

8. "Fish force Michigan nuke plant shut down"  [expired link]
"Nuclear power plant on Lake Michigan shuts down after fish swim into
 cooling system"

9. "Beaver blamed in phone outage"
"Northeastern Michigan had a problem to chew on: Long-distance phone service
 was interrupted for more than six hours after a beaver apparently gnawed
 through a fiber optic cable"

10. "Nesting snakes cause of faulty traffic lights"
"Austrian police ordered to check some faulty traffic lights discovered it
 was being occupied by a family of snakes"

11. "Bear causes oil spill in N.W.T."
"A curious black bear caused an oil spill near [Fort Simpson] in the North-
 west Territories, say officials"

12. "Hamster had no inkling of printer danger"
"A German hamster called Teddy has sparked a police rescue mission after
 getting stuck inside a computer printer because he was too fat to get back

(a John West post)