Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Amusing Grounds for Divorce

Divorce is a serious matter, but sometimes the reasons for it can be amusing,
as this collection of news stories shows.

1. "Woman divorced for hit on pet dog"
"A woman in China has been divorced for hiring four hitmen to kill her
 husband's pet dog"

2. "Man married wrong twin"
"A Romanian man is demanding a divorce after finding out he married the twin
 sister of the woman he fell in love with"

3. "Man divorces and sues wife over ugly past"
"A Chinese man has divorced and sued his wife for £55,000 after discovering
 she'd had plastic surgery before they met"

4. "Groom finds bride is bald, wants divorce"
"A university professor in Helwan, south of Cairo, demanded a divorce after
 discovering on his wedding night that his bride was bald"

5. "Bryan Adams causes divorce...but it?s not what you think"
"Tina Shaw blames her ex-hubby for launching her love affair with Canadian
 rocker Bryan Adams.  So she was bit surprised when he then named the superstar
 in their divorce as a reason for the split"

6. "Wife divorces husband because of 'thunderous snores'"

7. "Yemeni man seeks peace in second marriage"
"A Yemeni man has reportedly divorced his first wife because she was loud and
 argumentative and then picked a deaf and mute woman as his new bride"

8. "Rows between mother and daughter-in-law drive man to seek divorce"
"[A] judge refused, saying because he still loved his wife he must put up with
 the rows"

9. "Jordanian man divorces wife three times over phone bills"
"A Jordanian man has divorced his wife for a third, and final, time in three
 years, accusing her of ruining him financially because she spent hours
 talking on the phone"

10. "Wedding photo sparked instant divorce"
"A Saudi man divorced his wife immediately after the ceremony when his bride's
 brother insisted in taking a photograph of the newly married couple"

11. "A granny seeks divorce after husband's sex change"
"A Chinese couple in their 80s are divorcing after the husband decided to have
 a sex change"

12. "Husband divorces wife over dreams"
"The husband told a divorce court that a dream interpreter advised him a snake
 represents a lover, meaning his wife is cheating on him"

13. "Lotto win kills marriage"
"Kenneth Parker, 77, filed for divorce last summer after learning his wife of
 16 1/2 years wasn't going to share her winnings"

14. "Inflatable doll leads to divorce"
"The Romanian mother of two said she couldn't accept the idea of being cheated
 - even if her rival was an inflatable doll"

15. "Woman seeks divorce over Euro 2004 obsession"
"A woman from London has asked her husband for a divorce because he's pre-
 occupied with Euro 2004"