Tuesday, November 30, 2004

A Slight Case of Overcharging + November Postings Reprised

A. A Slight Case of Overcharging

1. "Record electricity bill shock"
"The bill - for two months - was NOK 7.6 million (USD 1.1 million)"

2. "Computer error means £2.3 trillion electricity bill"
"The demand for £2,320,333,681,613 was supposed to be for electricity supplied
 to Mr Law's new home at Fartown, Huddersfield"

3. "Couple swimming in $7.7 million water bill"
"A Texas couple needed a drink after they got a water bill for $7,714,510.21
 instead of the usual $50 or $60"

4. "Patient billed $1100 for 5min visit"  [expired link]
"A Serpentine mother has been billed $1100 by a doctor for a five-minute visit
 while she was in labour - even though he did not deliver the baby"

5. "Lawyer sends £1.5m bill for one hour's work"
"A self-employed German who earns just £12,000 pounds a year has been landed
 with a £1.5 million pound legal bill after asking a lawyer to do a few minutes

B. November Postings Reprised

[World Wide Waits]
* "Schoolboy query taxed British officials for years"
"It was only a simple query in a school test - why does Britain's tax year
 start on April 5?  But according to a report on Monday, the question took
 Britain's Inland Revenue's best minds a full seven years to answer"
* "Couple forgot to pick up wedding album - for 15 years"
"A Malaysian couple forgot to pick up their wedding album until they had been
 married for 15 years"

[Possible Overreactions]
* "Poor table manners lead to stabbings"
"A man was charged with stabbing two relatives after they allegedly
 criticized his table manners during Thanksgiving dinner"
* "Cabbie killed unruly passenger"
"A taxi driver killed a drunken passenger when the man refused to get out of
 his cab"
* "Fight over car doors cited in killing"
"A dented vehicle door led to a homicide Saturday night in the parking lot of
 an Aurora Blockbuster video store"

[Not-So-Small Change]
* "Ohio man sets record for most pennies collected"
"A 78-year old man from Ohio has set a new national record for the most
 pennies collected, weighing in at 3.5 tons, he cashed in a total of
 1,048,013 pennies, or $10,480.13"

[Airport Dramas]
* "Airline stowaway proves a hard rat to track"
"A China Eastern Airlines passenger jet flying a daily route between Shanghai
 and Singapore was grounded for three days as crews tried to locate and
 exterminate a stowaway rat"
* "Pregnant baboon runs loose at Houston airport"
"A pregnant baboon being loaded on a Continental Airlines plane at Bush
 Intercontinental Airport Wednesday briefly escaped when the door to her cage
* "'Doofus' travellers carrying saws, mines"
"Many air travellers in the United States apparently still haven't understood
 the word about leaving their handguns and knives behind when they go to the
 airport - not to mention chainsaws, landmines and gunpowder, too"

[World Toilet Day]
* "Eminem's bathroom bother"
"Eminem was stunned when a huge minder knocked a wall onto him while he was
 on the toilet"
* "Soft, strong but a long time to go away - how loo paper puts a strain on
   the system"
"The pampered posteriors of Britain's bathrooms are placing an increasing
 strain on plumbers as ever-kinder toilet tissues block up the nation's

[Take Your Time - Late Mail II]
* "Letter 286 years late"
"A letter that landed in the wrong box 286 years ago finally reached the
 right address in Germany on Wednesday after an expert decoded the ornate