Sunday, June 29, 2008

Odds and Ends, Sun 29 June 2008

1. Universcale
"Today, using the electron microscope and astronomical telescope, we can
 see the objects which we have not been aware of its existence before.
 Are you able to fathom, or even roughly grasp, these sizes?  See our
 Universcale and experience the sizes of various objects."
[Requires Flash, and turn down the sound if that could be a problem.]

2. "30 Beautiful And Original Product Designs"
"Successful product design manages to reveal useful functionality beyond
 its appealing form. No matter how excellent a design looks like, most
 customers aren't likely to spend money on something they won't be able
 to use. On the other hand, most people are likely to buy something
 useful despite the design it has."

3. "formula 1 user interfaces"
"The complexity is ubiquitous, all 11 Formula 1 teams produce cars with
 more or less the same multi button design allowing adjustment and
 tweaks of traction and aerodynamics from the wheel itself. Unlike a
 road car, space and focus constraints mean that the entire dashboard
 is on the steering wheel. This is something that will no doubt be
 copied, unnecessarily, in consumer cars in future, but would that be
 a UI improvement?"

4. "The 50 Best Pun Stores"
"Pun stores. Stores with puns in the title. Bet you didn't think we
 could rank the 50 best ones. But you didn't even think there were 50.
 Well guess again. has scoured the internet and pulled together
 the 50 Best Pun Establishments."

5. "Manure thief falls into dung, flees naked"
"A woman trying to make 'manure bombs' using stockings, slipped into a
 slurry tank and fled the scene naked, German police said."

6. "Pigeons smuggle drugs, phones into Rio prison"
"A sharp increase in drugs and mobile phones found inside a Brazilian
 prison mystified officials - until guards spotted some distressed
 pigeons struggling to stay airborne."

7. "English 'self-important and irritating', says new travel guide"
"The writers confess to bafflement over the quirky English, concluding
 that of the 200 countries the guide reviews there is none 'so
 fascinating, beautiful and culturally diverse yet as insular, self-
 important and irritating as England.'"

8. "The Secret History of Star Wars"
"The Secret History of Star Wars is a new full-length e-book exploring
 the writing and creation of the Star Wars saga. Culled from over 400
 sources and filled with quotes from people such as George Lucas, Gary
 Kurtz and Mark Hamill, The Secret History of Star Wars traces all the
 way back to 1973..."

9. "'City of Shadows' by Alexey Titarenko"
A series of long exposure shots of crowds in St. Petersburg, Russia.