Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Backyard Engineering Projects

The B-List is back after a bit of a break.  The time I would usually
devote to preparing B-List posts has been taken up by other things,
such as updating the look of my website:
For some reason the proxy at work blocks my site :(  But luckily some
of us have browsers that can bypass the proxy (e.g. Netscape).
Anyway, without further ado, today's B-List...

1. "Farmer builds helicopter from scratch"
"With directions from the Internet and an old Russian truck motor, a
 Vietnamese farmer fulfilled his dream of making his own helicopter.
 The job took two friends, seven years and $30,000"

2. "Pensioner builds plane in garage"   [expired link]
  [archived at:]
"A Slovak pensioner has spent three years building his own plane in
 his garage, using only a model plane as guide, local agencies reported

3. "Rocket man ready for DIY space race"
"Intrepid Canadian computer designer-turned-astronaut Brian Feeney
 plans to strap into his red 4.88 metre Wildfire rocket later this
 year and soar to a height of 24,000 metres while strapped to the
 world's largest helium balloon"

4. "Student satellite almost ready for space"
"Building a satellite takes years and costs millions. Well, not always.
 Nearly one hundred students from all over Europe have been working
 hard on SSETI Express. From the drawing board to launch in less than
 one year, all the while keeping costs to a minimum"

5. "Eastford man making his own energy"
"Rick Mackowiak's passion for power has resulted in a 13-year project
 to turn a river and a dam on his property into a hydro-electric plant"